Fresh Look, Same Mission: 426 West's Rebrand

426 West has undergone a rebrand!

Our renewed identity brings a fresh look, a new logo, and a strengthened commitment to providing you with the best in authentic American Western collections.

Our mission remains unchanged: to break down geographical barriers and bring you closer to the heart of the American dream. 

Explore the world of 426 West, where every item speaks volumes about our passion for the genuine American lifestyle!

A bit about us:

As a group of friends who share a love for holidaying, touring, and working in the States, we welcome you to discover Western living with us.

426 West emerged from a simple need – the lack of authentic American Western wear and workwear in the UK and Europe. Determined to bridge this gap, we set out to bring modern, high-quality American Western collections directly to you, getting rid of geographical barriers.

When you shop with 426 West, you’re purchasing a piece of the American dream!

As a family business, we serve as an American lifestyle destination, dedicated to providing the latest in boots, clothing, jewellery, and accessories sourced directly from the USA.

Our passion for all things American runs deep, from Western-style clothing to the roaring engines of 70’s muscle cars and the laid-back surfing lifestyle along the extensive California coastline. 426 West is a reflection of our diverse interests and obsessions.

Join us on this adventure into the heart of Americana, and let 426 West be your gateway to the authentic and ever-evolving American lifestyle.

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Happy Shopping,

426 West x