Texas to California: Rediscovering Americana

426 West just rolled back into town after a couple weeks of journeying through America!

We've been on a quest to find new suppliers for our shop (we have some exciting news about this…but more on that another time!).

The 426 West team has been covering the streets of Dallas, soaking in the surf vibes of California, and feeling the pulse of the South in Florida.

And let us tell you, it's stirred up a whole lot of nostalgia and reminded us just why we started 426 West.

Being back on American soil was like a reunion with our roots. It's not just about finding new suppliers to unearth the best in Western wear; it's about the very essence of what makes America special. From the dusty roads to the golden shores, every step felt like a page turning in the book of our passion for the Western lifestyle.

Connected with creators who breathe life into our apparel, we felt the real spirit of Americana. The craftsmanship, the dedication to quality, and the genuine love for the culture were like a shot of adrenaline, fuelling our commitment to bringing you the very best in authentic Western wear. 

You see, 426 West isn't just about clothes; it's about sharing a piece of the West with you. Our recent journey wasn't all business; it was also a visit back to the roots of our inspiration! It was a reminder of the freedom, individuality, and rebel spirit that define Americana.

We can’t wait to update the shop with our latest finds. In the meantime, you can shop all of our collections now and find your very own piece of the West.


426 West x

P.S. C2C (Country To Country) is happening soon! Have you got your outfit ready yet? Shop now.